Beach Day
Season 1, Episode 13
Beach Day
Air date September 16, 2008
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Beach Day is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.


The gang is going to the beach today, but things go awry when waves knock over Tolee's tower and makes him mad.


Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 貝殼bèi ké - seashell
  •  - dig
  • 螃蟹páng xiè - crab
  • 哎呀āi-yā - Oh, No!


  • Rintoo: "I love seashells!"
  • Tolee: "哎呀! The wave knocked over my tower three times! RRRRAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!"
  • Rintoo: Whoa! What's Tolee doing?"
  • Hoho: Our sandcastle! (confused): Kai-Lan, why did Tolee stomp on our whole sand castle?"
  • Kai-Lan: "I'm not sure, Hoho."
  • Kai-Lan: "Should we build the sand castle by this rock or over by that umbrella?"
  • Tolee: "Kai-Lan, Kai-Lan! Look what Hoho found.
  • Kai-Lan: "I'll be right there. Ye-Ye, 以後見."
  • Ye-Ye: "以後見."
  • Hoho: "Look what I found."
  • Kai-Lan: "Ooh, 螃蟹. Nice to meet you, little crabs. My name is Kai-Lan."
  • Tolee: "I'm Tolee."
  • Rintoo: "I'm Rintoo."
  • Hoho: "I'm Hoho."
  • Tolee: "Look, Kai-Lan. The crabs have little shovels."
  • Crabs: "挖! 挖! 挖! 看. 貝殼."
  • Tolee: "Is this seashell for us?"
  • Crabs: "對了."


  • For this episode, the crabs do not really speak English, but they do speak Chinese.
  • This is the first episode where we see the characters wearing their swimwear. If you want to know how the characters wear their swimwear differently, see the Season 2 episode, "Rintoo Makes a Splash".
  • The episode's elements are related to those of the show's first episode, Dragonboat Festival.


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