Rintoo's Big Flip
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date October 16, 2009
Written by Chris Nee
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Rintoo's Big Flip is the seventh episode of the second season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and the show's twenty-ninth overall episode. The episode premiered on October 16, 2009, as part of Go, Go, Go! Week. There's an acrobats show today and the lead rabbit asks Kai-Lan and her friends to join in the show. But trouble arouses when Rintoo can't attempt a flip. Now his friends have to encourage him to try again until he gets out right.


Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 圆形yuán xíng - Circle


  • Hoho: "The acrobats, the acrobats. I want to see the acrobats."
  • Rintoo: [laughs] "I'm so excited I think I have to roar. Yep, I do. [roars and Kai-Lan and the others join him]".
  • Rintoo: "Yep, I'm awesome at jumping. So I'm sure I'll be awesome at flipping. I don't need to practice."


  • This episode is possibly the second time of which Rintoo had broken down into tears, only this time, he did not really cry, not like the halloween episode.
  • Also, there aren't any hugs in this episode.
  • This is also the final episode that aired in 2009.

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