Rintoo: “What should we look at now?”

The ladybug lands right on Hoho's right shoulder.

Hoho: “Hah, hey, guys, I think I know what we can look at next.”

Lulu: “Whoa, it’s the ladybug.”

Stompy: “Don’t move, Hoho, it’ll fly away, shh, careful…….”

Lulu: “Slowly………”

Kai-Lan: “Easy now…….”

Rintoo: “Alright, Hoho, put your right hand under the microscope.”

Cogsworth: Eh it's Lumiere's ladybug!

Lumiere: Non-sense

Lulu: “Oh, gross.” Hoho: “Let me see.” Hoho: “Whoa, that’s cosmic.”

Hoho: “Alright, ya big bug, I’m gonna saddle break ya, they don’t call me Hoho the bronco bug buster for nothing’.”

[Big Bug Growling Ferociously]

Hoho: "Here we go again."

Hoho: [Grunting Sounds]

Hoho: “Easy boy, easy.”

Hoho: “Whoa!”

Hoho: [Panting]

Hoho: “Ta-da!”

Rintoo: “Welcome, rodeo fans, to the greatest wild west bug busting competition you’ll ever see, our 1st contestant riding the meanest bronco bug this size of the real grand, Galloping Hoho!”

Hoho: “Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaaaaaaaahooooo!”

Tolee: [Sneezing Sounds] [Crash!]

YeYe: “I heard a crash, is everybody alright?”

Kai-Lan: “Shì de, YeYe."

Tolee: “I'm not fee…..fee [Sneezes Again] feeling very well.”

YeYe: “Oh, you're feeling hot, Tolee, I’m gonna take your temperature, now, Tolee, you keep your mouth closed over the thermometer.”

Cogsworth: that will not work! here Lumiere take his temperature

Lumiere: Very well

Tolee: “Mm hmm…….”

Kai-Lan: “He has been sneezing a lot today.”

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: “Yeah.”

YeYe: “Hmm, Tolee, you got a temperature of 103.”

Lumiere: I'll be with Lulu

Kai Lan: alright, Lumiere

Rintoo: “Will Tolee be alright, YeYe?”

YeYe: “He will if he gets plenty of rest.”

Kai-Lan: “How is rest gonna help him get better, YeYe?”

YeYe: “Well, rest helps Tolee use his energy to battle his uncommon head cold, while his body makes white blood cells to fight the germs.”

Rintoo + Lulu: “Germs?”

YeYe: “Uh huh, they’re like little tiny insects.”

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: “Insects? inside out?”

Kai-Lan: “Yuck……..”

Lulu: “Ewwwww…………”

YeYe: “It’s not as bad as the chicken pox, the body’s natural defense mechanism can fight them off, if you rest and take care of yourself.”

Rintoo: “Gosh………..”

Kai-Lan: “Wow……”

Hoho: “Boy, that’s weird.”

Stompy: “Gee whiz……..”

YeYe: “Now you children try to be silent and let Tolee get some rest, I’ll check back in a little while.”

Tolee: “Don’t worry about it, you guys, my natural defense um…whatchamacallit? can take care of everything.”

Lulu: “I don’t know, Tolee, if there's plenty as you are, you could be in very big trouble.”

Lumiere: Lulu now you come with me

Lulu: I know


Tolee: “Gosh, I never thought about that.”

Tolee: [Sneeze’s Again]

Kai-Lan: “There must be something we can do to help Tolee fight off the germs.”

Rintoo: “Hey, I know, remember how Hoho said the microscope make things look little when you look inside this end?”

Stompy: “So what?”

Rintoo: “So all we need to do is go into this side of the microscope, and we’ll be tiny and little when we come outta the other side.”

Lulu: “Yeah, Rintoo?”

Rintoo: “That way we can go inside Tolee and help him fight off his Germans.”

Lulu: “That’s germs, Rintoo.”

Rintoo: “That’s what I said, Lulu.”

Rintoo: “There’s no time to waste, Lulu, you and Stompy stay right here and take good care of Tolee.”

Lulu: “Alright, Rintoo.”

Hoho: “What are you looking for, Rintoo?”

Rintoo: “This 1, we can use it like a road map.”

Hoho: “Yeah right, but how can we get around 1ce we’re inside Tolee’s body?”

Stompy: “I know, I know, follow me."

Rintoo: “Come on, follow Stompy.”

Hoho: "Stompy, where are you?”

Rintoo: “He disappeared.”

Stompy: “I found a red submarine.”

Rintoo: “That’s perfect, Stompy, this’ll work great, come on, let’s go.”

Kai-Lan: “Hey, where do we get into Tolee’s body when we’re so tiny and little?”

Hoho: “There’s only 1 place that I know, his right ear.”

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: “Huh, what?”

Lulu: “Are you sure about this, Hoho?”

Hoho: “Of course, Lulu.”

Tolee: [Chuckling] “Hey, that’s cold.”

Tolee: [Sneezes Again]

Rintoo: “Alright, you guys, let’s do it.”

Rintoo: “Alright, here we go.”

Lulu: “Gosh…….”

Stompy: “Oooooooh……”

Kai-Lan: “Isn’t this a wonderful adventure we’re taking, Rintoo?”

Rintoo: “Of course it’s wonderful, Kai-Lan, seen anything on the para scope, Hoho?”

Hoho: “Oh my gosh, there’s something out there alright, oh no, it’s……it’s red asteroids!”

Kai-Lan: “What? let me see, Hoho, those aren’t red asteroids, they’re blood cells.”

Hoho: “Whoa, I thought I was a goner.”

Rintoo: “What’s our heading, Navigator Hoho?”

Hoho: “Give me 1 single minute……um…….I think we’re heading uh…..we’re headed for uh……. Tolee's head…..uh…..I think.”

Rintoo: “Oh brother…….”

Kai-Lan: “What’s that thumping sound?”

Rintoo: “Gosh, Kai-Lan, I think I'm feeling my heart beating.”

Kai-Lan: “Oh, Rintoo, my heart’s beating for you too.”

Rintoo: [Gulps Nervously]

Hoho: “That’s not Rintoo's heart, look!”

Rintoo: “Gosh, we’re going into Tolee’s heart.”

Hoho: “Whoa, far out, we can hear Tolee’s heart.”

Rintoo: “I wonder if he can hear us.”

Hoho: “Of course………”

[‘Get Well Soon’ Music Playing In Background] Hoho: (singing) Are you sick and tired of being in bed?

Rintoo: (singing) feeling lousy up from your toes to your head?

Kai-Lan: (singing) if your tongue gets fuzzy and the polka dots are beginning to spread

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: Don’t worry about it….

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: (singing) you’re gonna get well soon, you’re on your way, your body’s work in 23 hours a day, you carry the pressure becoming the price, you’re gonna get well soon

Rintoo: (singing) the Dr. said it might be the flu

Hoho: (singing) you got a fever of 101

Rintoo: (singing) if your heart beats funny and your nose is kind of runny too

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: Don’t worry about it….

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: (singing) you’re gonna get well soon, you’re on your way, your body’s work in 23 hours a day, you carry the pressure becoming the price, you’re gonna get well soon

Rintoo: (singing) forgiving harmony

Tolee: “Huh, what?”

Kai-Lan: (singing) heart keeps thumping

Hoho: (singing) your blood keeps pumping

Rintoo: (singing) to help you breathe

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: (singing) help you get well

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: (singing) you’re gonna get well soon, you’re on your way, your body’s work in 23 hours a day, quick as a wink, you’ll be back on your feet, you’re gonna get well soon, get well, get well, get well soon……

Tolee: “Yeah right……”

Hoho: “Alright……”

Tolee: [Sighs And Groans]

Tolee: [Slurps And Groans]

Stompy: “You're almost feeling great."

Lulu: “Hang in there, Tolee, Kai-Lan and the others won’t let you down.”

Rintoo: “We’re inside Tolee's lungs now, any signs of the germs yet, Hoho?”

Hoho: “No…..”

Rintoo: “Wait 1 single minute, I think I see something, there they are, germs, dead ahead!”

Rintoo: “I see them!”

All Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters: “Wow!”

Kai-Lan: “They’re headed this way.”

Hoho: “Battle stations, aooga, aooga!”

Rintoo: “Hoho, move the torpedo!”

Hoho: “Oh, hey!”

Hoho: “Vitamin C torpedo, loaded and ready, sir.”

Rintoo: “Fire!”

Germ # 1: “Vitamin C-ney!”

Germ # 2: “Let’s get outta here!”

Germ # 3: “Come on, put on your anti-vitamin masks!”

Germ # 4: “Alright, you germs, spread out!”

Rintoo: “They’re still coming!”

Kai-Lan: “Oh no, what are we gonna do?”

Hoho: “Hurry, load another torpedo, Rintoo!”

Rintoo: “Okay……..”

Hoho: “Whoa, wait 1 minute!”

Rintoo: “Ready…….”

Rintoo: “Fire!”

Hoho: [Gurgling And Screaming]

Rintoo: “Gosh, I didn’t know we had any screaming torpedoes.”

Kai-Lan: “That wasn’t a torpedo, that was Hoho.”

Rintoo: “What? we gotta rescue him!”

Kai-Lan: “Not 'til somebody rescues us!”

All Germs: [Growling And Pounding]

Tolee: [Groaning] “I'm feeling terrible…….”

Lulu: “Poor Tolee……”

Stompy: “You must be feeling terrible…..

Tolee: [Continues Groaning]

Hoho: “Hello? Rintoo, Kai-Lan? where are you? whoa, this must be Tolee’s brain.”

Hoho: “Wow, mental pictures, I remember those things, oh dear, that’s the time I stole Tolee's red cherry bubble gum trading cards.

[Knock On Door]

Hoho: [Chuckles] “He’ll never remember that 1 again.”

Hoho: [Chuckles Again]

Kai-Lan: Hoho, what the hell?? You don't go around erasing people's memories like that!

Hoho: Yeah, I know... but I had already sold that for $45 to Mei Mei. Might as well throw away that one memory.

Rintoo: You two can chat later; germs to our right!

Kai-Lan: Fire antibody guns! Rintoo, you're aiming!

Tolee, still in bed: Ow... my head hurts like hell. I can't sleep. *turns on TV, then proceeds to watch I Love Lucy until things settle down internally*

Rintoo: Wait, what-- Guys, I think our escapades inside Tolee's head space have caused a headache.

Hoho: English, please.

Rintoo: Tolee's head hurts.

Hoho: Ah.

Kai-Lan: But look! The germs are somehow distracted by 1950s TV shows! We found these icky bastards' weakness! Flank and fire!

(The battle begins)

Rintoo:takes this! (rintoo throws undrown books at the germs)


Hoho:crashbaboomba! (hoho steers ship and makes it bump into the germs)


Kai-lan:woo hoo!

Germs:take this! ( germs throw ink balls at the ship)


Kai-lan:bubble brains!

Germs(gasp) they called us bubble brains!

Rintoo:(gets out of submarine and approaches the germs and starts beating them)

Germs:ouch! Ouch!





Germs:(get defeated)

Germs:noooooo!!! (melts away)

Kai lan:hooray!!



(battle ends)

(Kai lan and friends get out of tolee's body)

(everyone gets out of the submarine and gets back on to their normal size)

Tolee: Hmm, my head doesn't hurt anymore. Might as well go back to sleep now.

(Next morning, Tolee feels as if he never got sick in the first place.)

Rintoo: Now I hope I won't have to go through that!

Hoho:me too.

Kai-lan:me three.

(Everyone else agrees.)

The end.